Thanksgiving Fuck

This is a very random perverted Thanksgiving story. The idea came from a mashup of playing Fallout Shelter and seeing the Thanksgiving decorations around my office. Being Horny is a pretty effective creative catalyst. Enjoy!


I had left the house on foot around 11 for a late breakfast, if you can call Starbucks breakfast. I’m not a coffee drinker and had no desire to sip on an 800 calorie hot chocolate but being Thanksgiving day I wanted to eat light before I gorged myself that afternoon. The plan was to keep my fast until dinner but the whiskey in my system from last night still had my head buzzing and told me otherwise.

Entering right after a rush of patrons I exhaled in exasperation surveying the very long line. I decided to grab a seat and wait it out. Fortunately most of the patrons were grab and go, and their orders were simple. I unlocked my phone and with a heavy swipe scrolled through my apps for something to kill the time. The last in the list was Tinder. I had installed it about a half a year ago when I was pissed off at my then girlfriend. Thinking back It was just a gesture of defiance, an attempt to make myself feel in control. However, I had registered, uploaded a decent selfie and generated a bare minimum profile, just enough to get me swiping. 

I quickly made it through my free swipes for the day as the line dwindled down. It was about 50/50 a lot of attractive women but many weren’t my type. It didn’t really matter anyway, just some eye-candy to kill the time. For my very last swipe the picture that popped up made me blurt out a laugh, catching the attention of few nearby patrons. I tilted my head back automatically as if what I was seeing couldn’t be. It was a picture of a happy looking cartoon Turkey giving a thumbs up. At the bottom of the picture was it’s name, I assumed, The Gobbler… Just like that with three dots following the title. I chuckled again, softer this time, and swiped left, glad to support chaos in the system. The line now down to just a few people, I pocketed my phone and stepped into the frey.

I wondered how that slipped past the admin’s, it was pretty obvious. I laughed to myself, again, at the absurdity and placed my order. The Barista said it would take a few minutes, everyone else was getting coffee and they were so busy those customers had to be taken care of before they were able to prepare any food. I walked to the corridor at the rear where the bathrooms were to wash my hands. Making the corner, the figure I saw startled me. I froze for a second, unable to hide my staring.

The woman standing at the end of the corridor near the bathroom door was gorgeous, but her outfit had to be a joke! Her hair was parted in the middle and made into two long braids that fell over her ample chest. She had a feathered headdress on, not Carnival big but big enough, with dark mascara, red paint lines under her eyes, like a Navajo warrior, and full lips painted a bright yellow. An elaborate feathered choker was wrapped around her neck from collarbone to chin, and she wore a tight, light brown Pocahontas style dress with feathers dangling from the edges. Despite the single shoulder strap her outfit clung tightly to her bosom and narrow waist, then tapered out accentuating her full hips. Her calfs were bound in in rawhide sandals, that wrapped around all the way to her knee, and perfectly matched her lips.

She looked at me with a big smile, seemingly oblivious to how out of place her outfit was. I couldn’t help but do the same. She was certainly a sight to be seen…but she was also probably crazy. 

She must have lost a bet. I tried to maintain a poker face, not wanting to hurt her feelings. If she wants to dress like that out in public, I could care less. But I was surprised by her demeanor, she didn’t look abashed or feel compelled to blurt out an excuse for her dress, she just kept smiling at me. I gave her a nod along with the smile already plastered on my face, acknowledging her eye contact out of courtesy, opened the door to the single occupant restroom and stepped in. As I began to close the door, she pushed on it forcing her way inside with me. She was surprisingly strong.

“Uh..What are you…” I started.

“Did you ‘Like’ The Gobbler?” she said in a sultry voice, and stepped closer to me.I took a step back, and she followed with another closing the distance between us. I felt the restroom wall press against my back, I had noticed in the hallway her hands were completely empty, of purse or flint knife, otherwise I think apprehension would have overpowered my intrigue. Her face was inches away, brown eyes staring into mine, our chests almost touching. 

I licked my lips and stammered, “Uh…um, yea… Yea I think so?” 

I was the kind of idiot whose tendency was to say yes to most things, especially when speaking to an attractive woman. I wasn’t stupid, but I was usually slow on the uptake too, again mostly when it came to attractive women. She gave off an intoxicating aroma of…Pumpkin spice? It was combined with something else, something erotic. Her aphrodesiatic bouquet and her proximity to me was raising my pulse and sending blood to my manhood.

“Goooood” she breathed, holding me in place against the wall with one hand and closing the bathroom door with the other. She then upended the family friendly association I have with Thanksgiving, forever…

“Gobble,” She locked the door.

“Gobble,” She pulled down the top of her outfit freeing a pair of amazing breasts, braids pointing down to her hard nipples.

“Gobble,” She hiked her skirt and dropped down into a squat pulling my shorts and underwear with her.

My cock sprang to attention, freed from the elastic waistband of my shorts, pressing against the side of her cheek. Her mouth and tongue attacked my balls, lapping at them and slathering them with spit as her left hand slid between her legs and her right stroked my length. “Uhhh…Ohhhhhhh” was all I could get out as my hand found her right shoulder. I had been staring at the bathroom door out of shock, not quite believing my circumstances. I looked down to see her looking back up at me, yellow painted lips pursed in contrast to my cock as she rubbed the head over her lips. All I could do was stare at her wide eyed, face some combination of rapture and confusion, mouth open as if to make a comment that would never come. She gave the tip a deep, wet, sloppy kiss then leaned back and placed her hands on my hips. Her tongue started slowly circling my head like a corkscrew, moving it’s way down my shaft as she stuffed more of my cock into her mouth until I was buried to the hilt. 

I let out a gasp placing my hands on top of hers. She kept her painted lips pressed against the base of my shaft for what felt like a blessed eternity, my focus lost in the pleasure of being buried in this sexy woman’s throat. She returned one of her hands to her pussy and the other groped one of her large breasts tweaking the nipple. Letting out a moan she leaned her weight into me pushing me even deeper inside her mouth. I could feel her other breast pressed against my thigh and shivers going through her body as she rubbed her clit to her own impending orgasm. I looked down and most of my vision was blocked by her feathered headdress, but as I leaned my torso forward I was treated to a view of the perfect double-bubble that was her firm and prominent ass. I was able to lean forward just enough to give it a nice smack without interrupting her. I was rewarded with a startled flinch and a sexy moan.

She pulled herself off of my length and looked up at me while her tongue flicked at the underside of my head. Her one hand kept rubbing her pussy, increasing in intensity while the other guided my hands to her braids. I quickly caught the drift. Grabbing them tight I slowly pulled her back onto me. With me in control, both of her hands were free to please herself. 

I started off slow, taking her moans as a sign of encouragement to increase the pace. She kept a tight suction on my cock as she bobbed back and forth on it, making lewd slurping sounds and breathing through her nose when I wasn’t filling her airway with meat. The friction, heat and wetness of her mouth combined with her moans and squeals was pushing me over the edge. I was fucking her mouth with an animistic desire, I had wrapped her braids once around my hand for a better grip. As I thrust my hips into her face she gave no protest, and as far as I could tell she was loving every second of it.

Her moans increased in pitch and intensity until the steady pace of her bobbing suddenly faltered as the beginning of an orgasm wracked her. She shuddered hard and let out a long gasping moan through her nose as it rolled through her. I bucked my hips into her one…two..three more times, squealing at each thrust, before the roller-coaster of my orgasm crested it’s final peak. Fully in the throes of her own release, I flooded her mouth and throat with my seed. The gulping sounds she made seemed to echo throughout the tiny bathroom along with her breathing as she swallowed. I dropped her braids unawares as the spasms of my orgasm continued to pulse through me. My hips continuing to buck into her, synchronized to the jets of cum blasting from my cock. As the intensity of our orgasms waxed the depth of our breaths waned, she slowly slid her lips up and off of my cock, sucking it clean as she did. Her open mouth was filled with my seed, tongue barely visible from the huge load. I managed to eek out one more pulse of pleasure along with a large dollop of cum, landing perfectly on target. She closed her mouth and swallowed looking deep into my eyes, the movement of her throat and a loud gulp, proof of her debauchery. She smacked her lips and ran her tongue around them quickly consuming any last traces of my load. I stared back, transfixed for a few seconds, the unreality of her outfit and what just happened dawning on me.

“Who…are… You…?” I managed through my deep breaths.

“The Gobbler…” she huskily whispered, close enough to my ear that I could feel the moisture of her breath. I slid down the wall onto my butt, the sexy stranger still positioned between my legs. One of the last sensations I remember was the cold restroom tile on my bare ass. My eyelids were feeling heavy and a deep, uncontrollable tiredness was washing over me.

“Your real name…” I just managed to whisper back.

She stood up then and fixed her clothes, looking down at me. She smiled a broad smile, as I started to fall over onto my side, feeling like the wall wasn’t enough to support me anymore, my eyelids getting unbearably heavy.

“Luc…” was the last I heard before darkness claimed me…

My awakening was a rude one…

“Are you alright in there?!” I heard someone shouting.

I sat up dazed, “Yea..Yeah,” I replied and quickly flushed the toilet to buy some time. 

I splashed water on my face, checked my clothes, and exited the bathroom. The Starbucks employee was looking at me oddly as I stepped out.

“Sorry, been trying to get more fiber in my diet…,” I said and quickly walked to the pickup counter. I grabbed my breakfast sandwich and asked the barista if she had seen a woman in a costume earlier. She shook her head with a raised eyebrow and told me to enjoy my breakfast.

As I walked to my car it dawned on me that my keys and wallet were unmolested despite the crazy encounter I had just experienced. The door was locked when I left the bathroom, how’s that possible if she left before me? Seated in my car, I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Starting to think I hallucinated the whole thing, I pulled down my shorts. I smiled looking at my bare cock, the base was smeared with yellow lipstick and a small feather was barely clinging on to my trim pubic hair…


Author: Nikki